The Asian Sensation

Friday, April 07, 2006

the worst 2 days of my life....

so i haven't posted a blog in almost 3 months, and here i am, about to post a bad blog. but i have a little time to spare on the internet so why not?

so what's hapenned in the last couple months that i have not blogged? well, i don't have internet at my fingertips very readily, so i kinda slacked off.

and what happened in the last couple days that i felt the need to blog about it? well, besides my friends bugging me, and besides that i have a few extra moments, i have to share my horrible experience with the whole world.

yesterday, i go to class early to make up a test that i missed a couple weeks ago. the reason it's been a couple weeks because my professor and i had about 2 weeks owrth of mis-timings and we finally worked it all out to where i took the test yesterday. keep in mind that i'm taking physics 2 after a 6 year hiatus since physics 1. and the start of class was pretty grim, started with and F and a D on the first 2 quizzes. well, since then i've busted my butt and i have an A in the class as of, well, 2 days ago. ok, so fast foward to yesterday. i go take my test and lets just saay that i forgot just about all the material covered on that test in the last 2 weeks. i'm pretty sure i failed. (good thing he drops the lowest test grade.) so then i go to my car to get my books that i need for class since i couldn't take in my books into the testing center. well, i don't have my keys. retraced my steps, no keys. campus security time. took them about half an hour to break into my car, leaving me 25 minutes late to class. ok, so, it doesn't end there. i had lab last night. and my lab partner and i are pretty proficient, normally the first ones out of lab. well, yesterday, due to a few miscalculations, we were the last ones out. this normally wouldn't have been a problem, but my mom had just flew into town to visit me. and mind you, i haven't seen my mom since may of last year (a very loooong time). so anyways, finally get out of my lab, get into my car to drive to see my mommy!

does not end there. something is wrong with my car. it's stuck in 2nd gear and won't shift. i'm going 45 and it's going past 5 rpm's, nearly redlining my car. i get off the highway, pop the hood. why? i dont' know because i don't know anything under the hood except how to check my oil. so i did. it's fine. so now what? a nice man came by, and i described the problem to him. he says it's my transmission. ok, so i call mom and tell her that i can't go see her tonight and i go home. wake up this morning (luckily i took the day off to hang out with my mom) and take the car into the shop. i get a call back: $2600. what the @&#*@??? my whole transmission is shot. i need a new one. my car has only 64,000 miles on it! how can it be? i make a bajillion calls and shop around for a better price. and i have a place doing it for $1650. i was like, whew! then i was like, what?!?!?! that's still an arm and a leg!!! to add on top of that, i'm paying $150 for a rental car since it's gonna take 4 days to fix the stinkin' rice rocket.

so there! that's why my last couple days has been CRAPPY! so if anyone wants to contribute to the "Rice Rocket's New Do" fund, i'll take all donations! :)