The Asian Sensation

Thursday, June 15, 2006

i'm a homeless bum

so i've been in colorado for almost a month now. i'm still homeless and still job-less. oh well, at least i've gone to vegas (and didn't lose $, in fact, came back with alot of money- but not from gambling, i got it from family. but i did win $20 gambling. haha), besides that, i've played alot of disc golf, went white water rafting/kayaking, and also drove from one side of town to another in under 15 minutes!!! so i haven't completely wasted time here. :)

so jobs. yeah, about that.... i've been to more interviews than i've ever had my whole entire life. it's been a learning experience. normally, i've chosen the job i wanted and went to an interview and then gotten hired. apparently with more experience and stuff, i've been classified as "over-qualified". over-qualified, my ass. i don't care. i just want a job. i'm not going to bolt just because i am more qualified than the other employees. so anyways, good thing i saved a bit of money that i'm not on the streets begging yet. but soon enough, if i don't find a job, i might just have to prostitute myself out. any takers? haha, just kidding. my friend and i may go to a temp agency later today.

as far as future goals, like i always said, give me another day and i'll come up with something new. so here's the new thing: i might go back to school and get a nursing degree. damn, i hate being ADHD sometimes! :) haha. but yeah, nursing. i have a couple good friends here that are nurses that have convinced me in a 5 minute conversation that nursing is a good career. i work 3 days a week on 12 hour shifts and that's considered full-time. work night or weekends and they'll tack of a few more dollars an hour. and then that'll leave the rest of my days to do more fun things, like rock climing, disc golfing, rafting, hiking etc. :) (everyone should move here, it's the best EVER! :) hehe) so anyways, the college here has this thing set up where if you are accepted by the university and gone thru an interview with the hospital, they will pay half of tuition in return for a 2 year contract with that hospital. so half of tuition paid and a guaranteed job, why the hell not??? :)

other than playing alot, i will admit, it's slightly stressful being jobless and homeless. but i have good friends that house the lesser fortunate and feed me in return for mannual labor. :) (i've been helping my friend paint her house for lunch and dinner :)) hey, i know how to make ends meet. but with nursing school, it might be better not to commit to a real job. maybe i'll go back to starbucks, NOT! i'll just go to a street corner, open my guitar case and start playing.