The Asian Sensation

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

i need a job!!!!

so i'm still currently unemployed. :( my parents are going to kill me. because of the holiday weekend, i have not heard back from the job that i was really looking forward to hearing from. i called and left a message this morning, so hopefully, i'll get a call back soon.

so since i've been back, i've done alot of playing, but i'm starting to get bored and i HATE being bored. i need stimulus all around me and too much alone time brings me down. i need a job. it's funny; when i work, i can't wait to have a few days off. and now when i'm not working, i'm dying for a job. i'm wierd.

so i need to continue on my list of colorado vs arizona.....

1) there is no $1.75 dry cleaning here, it's like freakin' $6 to dry clean a shirt or pants here, HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!
2) gas here a MUCHO cheaper here than in arizona AND i don't have to drive 30 minutes to get to my destination. 30 minutes gets me to another town, not just down the road.
3)i can't get over how nice the weather is here. i definitely don't miss the unbearable heat. i went to the zoo yesterday and i was perfectly comfy in a tank top and shorts, and almost chilly in the shade with a breeze.
4)i see beautiful snow capped mountains here.
5)no one here is as enthusiatic about the suns as i am. no zips or half moon for sporting events. i don't even think they watch the playoffs here. WHAT A SIN!!!
6)i play disc golf just about every other day here. i just taught my friend, klarissa, how to play and she's already better than i am. (she's played 4 times, i've been playing for a couple years)
7)sushi here is crappy compared to the yummies in phoenix.
8)i have to drive an hour to denver for "real" chinese food.
9)jordy likes colorado because she has many dog friends to play with here, and she gets to go disc golfing all the time. (only i need to somehow train her not to go chase my discs.)
10)i had a job in phoenix, now i'm unemployed.

anyways, there you go. that's my list. pray that i get a job soon, please!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i'm alive!!!

hola! i finally made it to colorado alive. i hit the road at 3:30 am and got to my destination shortly after 7pm. lets just say that it was one of the longest days of my life. while jordy slept the whole way, i was struggling to stay awake. but God is good and He kept me awake with some good coversations on the good ol' cell phone.

so since i've been here, i went to 2 interviews. one yesterday and one today. the one yesterday went really well and seems to be promising. i'll know by the end of the week, so please keep that in your prayers. the one today was a bit on the quirky side. the lady i interviewed with was.... weird. don't know if i would want to work for her. she said she'd call me back for a second interview, but i might just decline.

so here are some highlights of my short stay in colorado so far, as compared to arizona.

1) went to pf changs the other night and we sat outside. i had to ask the waiter to turn on the heat lamps. HAHAHAHAHA
2) i can drive from one side of town to another in 15 minutes. i can't barely get to the grocery store in 15 minutes in phoenix.
3) there is actually weather here. granted its just a bit windy in the evenings, but it's some sort of weather besides scorching hot.
4) i'll have to admit, the restuarant selection is a bit measly here.
5) i get cold at night when i sleep here. i'm not running every fan possible.

that's my short list, but just wanted to let y'alls know that i'm here safe, thanks for the prayers! miss you arizonans!! :)

Friday, May 19, 2006

20 hours and counting...

20 hours til jordy and i get into my rice rocket and head off to colorado! :) my house looks like a tornado sped thru it. i work 10 hours today, and i also need to sleep before i start driving before the butt crack of dawn. i'm not sure how i'll get everything packed. but o well. all i need is a few articles of clothing, my guitar, and my puppy. that all fits into my car, right? :)

sniff, sniff. sad to leave, but i can't help but have a big smile on my face. :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

i hate attention...

so yesterday was my last sunday at my church. i was called to the front of the church by pastor scott to say bye, thanks, and pray for me. i don't like attention. i don't like it when everyone is staring at me. i tried to let my pastor know that i was leaving the last possible moment. but even then, it was too early, i still got called up to the front. dang. i wanted to melt into the ground. i didn't know who to look at, who to make eye contact with. so i just stared at the ground or stared at scott while he talked. there were 3 of us up there, but i felt like i was the only one, and naked too. i have the kira disease. ;)

Friday, May 12, 2006

i HEART melting pot!!!

can we just say that i HEART melting pot!?!?! we went there last night for christie's birthday and ate like kings. i just about had to be rolled out in a wheel barrel. it was me, christie, kacie, audrey, and jeff. it was my first time there and it was DELICIOUS!!!! yummy to my tummy. i like fondue. i like cooking my lobster in some sort of wine broth. i don't like cheese or chocolate, but somehow the melting pot made those things so delectable!! (is that how you spell that?) anyways, it was AWESOME!!!!

first, it was a cheese fondue with cheddar, spinach, and artichoke. we had bread, apple, chips, and fresh veggies to dip in it. then it was a YUMMY salad, but i'm sad they could make a mushroom salad with 50/50 mushroom and lettuce. it was 80 mushroom and 20 lettuce and i really don't like mushrooms THAT much. then it was yumminess main course. had lobster, shrimp, steak, teriyaki steak, chicken, cajun sausage, mushrooms, squash, broccoli, potatoes, and more shrimp, more steak, more chicken. all cooked fondue style in some wine broth and dipped in yummy sauces. and last but not least, we had the smores fondue that they lit on fire. we had cheesecake, pineapple, strawberries, marshmallow, graham crackers, brownies to dip in it. it was SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!! (are you drooling yet?)

we were there to celebrate christie's birthday, but secretly, i think i loved it SO much more!!! but then again, she did get our HOT waiter's phone number. cute, blonde girls who work for gets all the boys. :( anyways, i think everyone should go to the melting pot, it's AWESOME! (just don't be intimidated by the prices, like audrey said: great food, an awesome time with friends, it's worth it!!!) :)

i HEART melting pot. :) yum yum yummy yum!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

continual countdown...

if anyone cares, the countdown is at: 10 days before jordy and i return to colorado.

(i do.... :) hehe)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

road to being a better blogger

hello friends. i just got done with the most boring 2 hours of my life. i had to look up alot of physics concepts and watch boring physics videos (made in the 80's) in preparation to my physics 2 final. all i have to say is i better get an A in this class. i started failing my quizzes, and after learning how to learn again, i got back on my game and i'm currently sitting at a low A in the class. i'm just hoping to end with an A overall. it'll look better on my grad school application.

anyways, i'm on the road to being a better blogger. once again, i'm uprooting so i have to keep my friends in the know of my whereabouts, so i have to be a better blogger. but i also realized that i am taking an online class starting in a couple weeks, so i'll be spending more time on the internet. so i'll become a better blogger at the expense of a poorer grade in "geology".

wow, i have to take some pretty awful classes in preparation for grad school. physics, chemistry, geology, and plant biology. i guess that's the price to pay for wanting to be a high school science teacher. can't i tell them that i just want to teach human biology/anatomy/sports medicine classes? who cares about rocks and plants? seriously.

anyways, i'm rambling because i just spent the most boring 2 hours of my life on the internet.

the countdown is on: 13 days til i move. bye bye scorching hotness, and hello to beautiful mountains. bye bye to all my new friends that i have grown to adore, and hello to all the friends that i have missed so much this past year. my last day of work is may 19th, and the moving truck is ordered on the 20th. ech on the 14 hour drive in a penske moving truck. 6-10 miles per gallon said their website. heck, might as well throw away all my junk and start over. but my little eclipse can't carry much after me and my dog. so i guess i'll just suck it up, sell some plasma and rent the stupid moving truck. anyways, goodbye and hello....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

moving back home!!!

hello boys and girls. this may be a record! another new blog so soon? :)

anyways, after long sleepless nights figuring out my next step in life, i have come to a conclusion. i am going to sell all my posessions and move to china to be a missionary. ok, so maybe i'm lying, but hey, that could happen someday. i have made the decision to move back to colorado. not that my friends in AZ aren't cool, they are cool. it's just that AZ is too hot. ok, so that's not the real reason. i'm moving back to CO to regain my in-state status and go back to school to get my master's in education.

but then again, ask me in a month and it can change. but for now, i have put in my 4 weeks notice at work, reserved a moving truck, started packing, and at the end of this month, i will be back in good ol' colorado. after this, i will NOT move for another few months. haha. hopefully not for a few years after i finish school and settle down. moving sucks.

anyways. i will miss phoenix. i have made many new friends, been a part of a great church, and have learned a ton, not only about life in general, but my job here has been a great learning experience and will make me a better trainer overall. i am excited to see what God has in store for me back in colorado. i'm excited to be reunited with many of my dearest friends. sometimes i wonder what God is doing with me. why He uproots me from colorado only to bring me back just one year later. i wonder why He has given me the desire to pursue a masters in educ when i am appalled at what high school kids get into these days. but then i say, though it does not make sense, God is in control. and with that, i just have to trust that He's got my life in His hands. so whether i'm in phoenix, colorado, or even china, i'm taken care of.