The Asian Sensation

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

lets see how i faired on my Christmas wish list....

ok! Christmas is over, i had an extra day off on monday and now i'm back at work. Christmas was a doozer for me this year, quite depressing, so i'm actually kinda glad it's over with. Christmas eve was good. i slept in, got up, took my puppy to the park where we played frisbee. that was her Christmas present. wrapped some presents and went over to my mom's best friend's house. hung out with marilyn (their 14 yr old daughter) for a while. then i went to church. after church, i went back for Christmas eve dinner which consisted of rib eye steak, green bean casserole, corn, baked potato, and sparkling cider. it was YUMMY!!! (and i'm still eating it 3 days later). after dinner, we opened presents. :) but Christmas day was a whole different story. slept in, got up and took jordy to the park and that was the highlight of my day. unless you count the nap that i took. i sat at home and watched tv/dvd's by myself all day. it was depressing. so anyways, i miss seeing my family this Christmas, hopefully i'll see them soon....

but to see how i faired on my Christmas wish list....
1. a lazyboy recliner for my room (asked my parents for it and they said yes. but i just remembered that hopefully, i'll be moving soon to go to PT school and lugging around more furniture would be just a hassle. so i'll just have to ask for something else)
2. gladiator on dvd (nope :o( )
3. a digital camera (asked my parents for it and my dad said i could have his old one. but i'm ok with that, i'm not that technologically savvy so whatever works. my dad has nice toys)
4. a cotton candy maker (much to my dismay, no :o( )
5. gift card to the movie theater (YES!)
6. a few month's subscription of cable (particularly ESPN and affiliates thru march madness) (another no)
7. tickets to a KU game (and the plane ticket to go along with it) (more no's)
8. my mommy to come to arizona for Christmas since i won't be able to make it home (this one will be postponed. rumor says she'll come here after she gets back from taiwan for chinese new years)
9. ski lift ticket with friends for when i'm in colorado (going to to CO this weekend, so maybe if my friends are nice...)
10. gift card to outback, red lobster, or any sushi place (no ;o( )
11. lots and lots of candy (and some extra $ for dentist visits) (i actually got lots and lots of candy, yummy ones too!!!! thanks!!)
12. a KU hoodie (got Christmas $ to buy myself a hoodie since apparently KU hoodies aren't for sale in arizona, go figure....)
13. a professional massage (no, but maybe one of my nice friends will give me an unprofessional massage)
14. monster's inc. on dvd (thanks kacie!! :) )
15. the notebook on dvd (my all time love story is still not mine)
16. last of the mohican's soundtrack on cd (nope :o( )
17. ipod nano (my best friend got one for Christmas and i asked her if she would give it to me and she said no. :o( )
18. legends of the fall soundtrack on cd (nope)
19. full ride scholarship to PT school (no, but my application is rolling on and cross your fingers i start school in the fall)
20. to win the lottery (it's kinda hard to win the lottery when you don't even play the lottery)

anyways, there you go! i'm still going to see more friends in colorado, so maybe some of the no's will turn into yes's!! :) i just hope i can fit in all my presents into my suitcase. if not, maybe my friends can lend me clothes. making sure their present makes it to colorado is more important. i'll run around naked in the snow, i don't care. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

loneliness.... to joy.....

Christmas is just around the corner and it's a bit sad around here. there are Christmas lights on palm trees. it seems a bit ironic to me, but anyways. this will be the first Christmas i don't spend with my family. granted Christmas was never a big holiday for my family, but either way, they're family. it's kinda funny looking back and thinking how depressing Christmas was for my family. growing up, we had one Christmas tree ever, and maybe put lights up three times. Christmas was sitting around the kitchen table on Christmas eve opening presents. always got cash from dad since putting thought into a real present was too much for him. and no gift was ever bigger than a shoe box. anyways, depressing as it sounds, i'm kinda sad that i won't be able to see my family over the holidays. i didn't make it home for thanksgiving and now Christmas. the last time i've seen my parents was in may. and the last time i saw my brother was... i don't even remember.... anyways.

but those who know me know that i can't stay sad too long. so lets share the happy thoughts....

it's december and it's like 60 degrees during the day time. i wear basketball shorts and a hoodie to take jordy to the park. the only time i need a jacket is when i go to work in the morning at 6:30am. it's quite glorious. i hear scary stories about how it's like in the negatives in colorado (friends), kansas (parents), and chicago (bro). i get many calls asking the temperature and then curses when they hear how lovely it is here.

another happy thing, is by far, the biggest happy news for me. i'm going to colorado in 16 days, not that i'm counting or anything. i leave right after work friday, december 30th, and i get back late sunday january 8th. and i have to wake up early to go to work monday. blagh. but o well, I'M GOING ON VACATION!!!! here is my list of things to do while i'm in colorado:
- hang out with all my friends i have not seen since august
- go ski (and not break a leg or arm)
- see my new god-daughter cecily
- freeze my ass off
- plat settlers of catan with my friends (if the cult has not disbanded yet)
- go get lollicup and dim sum with my girlfriend, jen (but she's cheating on me)
- watch "in her shoes" with my best friend, klarissa
- get drunk on new year's eve (and then kiss a boy)
- sleep in because i'm on vacation
i think that's about all. if other things come up i'll add to my list. so anyways, there you go. my happy list.

anyways. much love. i was instructed to update my blog and this is what i came up with. happy reading!! :)