The Asian Sensation

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

testes...o i mean testing....

so i'm trying to figure out how to post picture on my blog, and i'm sorta technologically retarded. but here i go. so for testing trial #1, i will post pictures of the love of my life.... my dog. yeah, how sad. jordy is my favoritest! :) heck, even she has a boyfriend... (she's the golden colored one)

that is her and her boyfriend, baker. aren't they adorable together?

and this is them playing tug of war. lovers and friends! how cute!! :)

lotion infused toilet paper

i have an idea for a new invention. well,it's a knock off from the lotion infused kleenex. you know how they have either loition infused or aloe infused kleenex for the poor people with a cold and they've blown their little noses so much it's tender? well, they need lotion infused toilet paper for those who have spent the last 2 days on the toilet with stomach issues. :)

seems like the little bug that went around before christmas caught me finally. i woke up monday morning and i felt kinda weird, but didn't think much of it. went to work, and it just didn't get better. the yucky feeling in my tummy, the "i feel like i'm going to throw up" feeling in my tummy just got worse and worse. finally confessed to my boss that it was going to come out both ends and she laughed at me. (probably serves me right, she's the brunt of many practical jokes i pull around the clinic) so i made my trip to the bathroom and sure enough, i lost all of the little of what i ate that day. i did make the hour drive home with no accidents in my car and proceeded to spend the rest of yesterday and today in bed or on the toilet.

therefore, i contend that someone needs to come up with the lotion infused toilet paper for my tender little butt. :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year, New Look

here's my new year's resolution. blog more. not really. i'm not much of a resolution maker. for the most part, whatever resolution i make, i will break. so my resolution this year is no resolutions. :)

so what's new in my life besides a new look to my blog? nothing really. still work in denver, driving thru gobs and gobs of snow. this is about the time that i kinda wish i was still living in az. at least there's not a blizzard there every week. there's more snow than i've ever seen before (besides on a ski slope). o, well, last week, i just had laser eye surgery to create a scar underneath my slightly torn retina. how i did that, i don't know. but i've been restricted to no strenuous activity for a month til the scar heals up. that means no snow shoveling (darn), no skiing, and no chance to beat jen in basketball. :( o well, wait til next month, i'll have a new eye! :) i have an interview next week at the hospital to be a butt wiper for them. anything not to drive to denver anymore and get in good for a better chance to get into nursing school.

other than that, it's just me and jordy having fun in the snow. it's more like her having the time of her life in the snow and i'm standing out there freezing my butt off wishing she'd hurry. i got a digital camera for myself for christmas (welcome to the new millenium) and once i get more high tech, i'll learn how to put up fun pictures on my blog. (dont' hold your breath though, i'm not the fastest person. there's still a puzzle on my coffee table from october, maybe even september, and it's not done yet.-- i hope my roomie doesn't care)

marry christmas and hoppy new year! :)