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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Arizona State Fair

Last weekend, i went to the arizona state fair with a few of my friends. i remember when i used to go to the kansas state fair as a little kid on school field trips and having so much fun. well, that was also almost 20 years ago. now fast foward 20 years. state fairs are over crowded and over priced. first, it cost $10 just to get in. not to mention that we parked a mile away and paid to park. (although i ran out without paying...) The parking lot directly across the street of the fair was $60 parking. that parking lot was quite full, so there are some pretty insane (or very rich) people out there. we waited in line to be frisked by a very handsome female police, if you know what i mean. i think she liked frisking me. after entering the fair, we had dinner, which consisted of a roasted corn, an i-cee, and a funnel cake which cost me an arm and a leg. (now i'm maimed) after that, we decided to ride rides. but as you know from my previous blog, i dont' like rollercoasters. so i rode the superslide a few times. (i hope you can see by the photo that i really enjoyed being 5 again. :) haha) anyways, after that, we walked around, saw farm animals, played games, ate more fat calories, watched other people throw their money away, and rode the ferris wheel. it was an okay time, but i would much have rather taken the $30 i spend and bought myself a nice steak dinner from a fancy restaurant that gives you weeds and grass for a salad. but then again, quality time with quality people is always to be cherished.

(there were great photos to be put up with this blog entry, but this computer is being dumb, so the photos will be posted at a later date. sorry for the inconvinience.)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

my 31 confessions

one of my friends from church posted his 31 confessions and it spread on to other church bloggers, so i thought it was my turn....

1.I wish i was a little bit taller
2.I wish i was a baller (basketball that is)'s a dream of mine to play college basektball. technically, i have not used any of my eligibility, so there's still a chance...
4.I want to be a high school girls basketball coach (again)
5.I've never seen a full episode of seinfield
6.I've never seen or read any of the harry potters.
7.I want to be on amazing race, i really think i can win.
8.I want to be on fear factor, i really think i can win.
9.I don't like rollercoasters.
10.I don't like onions, but i like onion rings.
11.I am ambidextrous (and i can't spell). i write and eat right handed. everything else i do mostly left handed.
12.i can't roll my r's, so i can never speak spanish.
13.I could eat chinese food (authentic chinese, that is)7 nights/week...seriously.
14.I'm illiterate... in chinese. i can speak it fluently, but my reading and writing is less than a kindergarten's level.
15.I've been interrogated by the cops before, for 2 and a half hours. (i was innocent, but they didn't believe me.)
16.If i like a song, i could put it on repeat and listen to it for hours.
17.I have a tennis shoe fettish. i probably have like 10 pairs of running shoes in my closet right now.
18.I regret ever agreeing to kira and lauren that i would run this 1/2 marathon.
19.I am 25, but i have the knee problems and back problems of a 75 year old.
20.I have a six-pack right after i just wake up, but as soon as i eat, it disappears into the cooler.
21.My colorado church friends got me cussing again. (thanks deb and jen! :) haha)
22.I was a nerd in high school.
23.I have math trophies on the mantel of my parent's house.
24.My old high school letter jacket has debate and forensics medals all over them.
25.I was a jock in high school.
26.I held the school record for free throw percentage. (it's been broken since)
27.I hate dried banana chips.
28.I'm a trainer, it doesn't bother me to see people puke.
29.Or to see dislocated joints and put them back in.
30.But working in an ER would probably freak me out.
31.I would like to spend a day in the ER to experience it.

there you go! hope you found something else to make fun of me for... :)

Thursday, October 13, 2005


so you want photos? here are photos! this is my jordy gallery! isn't my dog the cutest?? :) I LOVE HER!!!

first one is a close up! :)
second one is what she does when i'm at work...
third one is famous "treat on the nose" trick.
last one is her new haircut. :)

not as funny as darcy, but i'm currently trying to do too many things at once....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

i'm demotivated :(

i'm demotivated in my running expeditions. one, i would rather be lazy and eat candy all day than run. two, cassi's right, on days for longer runs, it takes 1-2 hours of my time. who has time for that and who runs that long anyways? (but cass, if you run with me, i will DEFINITELY do it. it's on january 15th. go to three, though i'm only 25, my body feels like it's 50 after i run. four, i won't lie, i'm just plain lazy.

so i guess i'm writing this blog because i want all my friends to help motivate me and tell me that i should do this. (or if you really think i'm insane, you can tell me that i should quit. i appreciate honesty.)

that's all....

ps. i never made 6 miles that day i said i would. i only ran 3 and a half. i should be running now, but i'm putting it off by writing a blog about how i don't want to run anymore....

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Random thoughts...

my dog loves me....

so life in phoenix is pretty boring. there's not much to report. but i feel the need to update my blog even when i don't have much to say. so here are a slew of my random thoughts....

1)after throwing up on my carpet from being dehydrated and not drinking out of her water feeder, my dumd ass dog is finally starting to learn that if she's thirsty, she's going to have to get over the fact that the water feeder makes weird noises sometimes. bubbles....

2)i was planning on going home for thanksgiving to see my folks and attend a wedding. but after looking at airline prices, i had second thoughts. why in the world does it take $500 to fly to kansas?!? what's in kansas?!?!?! so after expressing my frustrations to a patient of mine who happens to work for southwest airlines, i now have a free plane ticket home for thanksgiving!! the perks of my job....

3)running is still coming along. in fact, after i write this, i plan on running 6 miles. but the key word is "plan". we'll see how it goes. so far, the plan has expanded. in november, i'm running a 10k (like 6 somethng miles), the week after that, i'm doing the "summit challenge" where i hike all 7 peaks of phoenix, (i'm guessing the equivalent of the difficulties of a 14'ner, but without the altitude), and in january, i'm running my half marathon. guess what i'm doing after that? i'm going to stop running, rest my 50 yr old knees, eat extremely unhealthy, put on all the weight i lost from running, and turn into a couch potato. NO MORE RUNNING AFTER JANUARY!!! can't wait!

4)small side note. remember how i said klarissa was coming out to visit? false alarm. they are going to wait til the whole divorce thing is settled with before she comes out. sad...

5)but if anyone wants to visit arizona in the winter time, please come! the weather is oh so nice now. (i'll deal with scorching summers for glorious winters.)

well, that's all. sorry not much to say. it's not like i'm in ireland or have someone else's dog to torture. it's just me and jordy...

miss you and love you all!