The Asian Sensation

Friday, October 20, 2006

wipe old people's butts?!?!?!?!?

ok, so life as i know it is over for the next 4 weeks. this is what my life looks like: i wake up at 5:15 am, drive to work at 6 am, work from 7am to 2:30pm. drive back to greeley for class until 10 pm. go home, get ready for bed, wake up at 5:15 to do it all over again. i have no life. so what is this class i'm taking from 4-10pm, you ask? well, funny you should ask.... this class is the biggest joke of my life. it's a CNA class- certified nurses assistant. it's a class i have to take in order to apply to nursing school. (they make you have that so you can have some sort of medical field background). nevermind that i work in a physical therapy clinic. therefore, i'm in this class of people who either want to be nurses or CNA's, but most have never really worked in anything but mcdonald's or something like that. so here i am in a 6 hour class learning about 1)how to wash my hands, 2)how to remove and make a bed that has been soiled with the person still laying in it, 3)brush someone's teeth for them, 4)brush their dentures, 5)dress an elderly while still in bed, 6)how to put on support stocking for them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? i'm paying $500 for a class that is so boring and so easy that i sit in class and would rather gauge out my eyes that to sit there in disbelief how some of my classmates could be so dumb. we have to ready 4 or 5 chapters each night and have a quiz the following day, but these questions are mostly common sense, it's scary to think that these people could be taking care of a live human being someday!

so anyways, that's my sad life. work and class all day monday thru thursday, and then i work all day on friday to cover the hours i miss the previous days. i only do this so i can go thru the fast-track year and a half nursing program instead or doing the 4 year thing. and i'm hoping to suck it up and maybe accept a job as a CNA for a few months so i no longer have to drive an hour to and from work anymore. i might soon be wiping old people's poop and pee.

why do i want to do this?????????????