The Asian Sensation

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Let's learn our ABC's again- Kathy style. Learn more about me and what I enjoy...

A- ATC: i'm a certified athletic trainer
B- Basketball, i love to play
C- chinese! i can speak it fluently, though i can't write. guess that makes me illiterate :(
D- drive, drive, drive. it's all i do. drive an hour to work, and an hour home.
E- edamame, they are these japanese soy beans that are extremely yummy
F- friends! they mean the world to me and make me who i am
G- guitar, play it, but i wish i was better
H- hiking, i enjoy a 14'ner here and there, well maybe not "enjoy"...
I- ice cream! haagen daz coffee ice cream to be more specific
J- JORDY, my best friend, my puppy, my cutie
K- KU Jayhawks, i hope they do well in the tournament and not embarass themselves this year
L- Leo, born august 17th
M- math trophies- they are sitting on my parent's mantle still
N- no broken bones- never broken a bone in my body (knock on wood)
O- optimistic, i like to keep my views on the optimistic side
P- practical jokes, my co-workers never know what to expect from me
Q- quarky, i'll admit, i'm quarky sometimes
R- rock climbing, love it, wish i had more opportunities to go
S- sushi!!!! i love sushi!!!!
T- ticket- just got a speeding ticket the other day for the first time in 6 years. :(
U- UNC, cross my fingers, i'm trying to get a GA position there for grad school
V- vietnamese food, love their kind of yummies
W- withering away alone with no boy to love me
X- XXX, if you google my name, porn sites come up- its not me, i promise.
Y- yellowstone, heard it's pretty there, anyone want to go camping?
Z- Zoos! i love going to see the animals on a sunny day.