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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

jordy and me

i just finished a book called "marley and me" by jon grogan. it is now one of my favorite books. i'm getting back into reading now since i sit in a cubical of a training room for a couple hours doing nothing, so i read! anyways, marley and me is this great heart warming story about a dog. this dog is quite this rambunctious dog that actually gets expelled from obedience school! :) anyways, it's about a family with the dog as teh central character and how, despite it's flaws, marley is the best dog ever! :)

so i've been inspired to wrote a short story about jordy and me. HAHA, yeah right, i'm not an author, heck, it takes me months and a few proddings to update my blog. audrey from halfway around the globe had to tell me that i had to update my blog because someone is trying to sell my readers valium. heck, i'll take the valium. :)

anyways, here's the 2 second update on my life: i work just north of denver at the same company i worked for in phoenix. i work mornings in the clinic and afternoons at a high school. hopefully that won't last long, i've done my time at a high school. fun, but not my thing anymore. work is also just over an hour away from home. ECH! for the $200 i pay in gas, i save in rent. there's a very nice couple from my church that is renting out a basement apt to jordy and i for a very discounted rate. :) i'm taking an online class to prepare to go back to school- which now is nursing school. i know, i know, it's always something different. but what do you expect from an ADHD kid? :)

so that's about it. i hope that satisfies by blog fans for now. :)

ps. kacie- jordy is still afraid of the fart sound. :) HAHAHAHA

pps. o!!!!! to all jordy lovers- you would be happy to know that my dog has mellowed out!!!!!! WWWWWAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! she's no longer out of control hyperactive, she's just a happy-to-see-you dog now. :) i'm such a proud mommy. :)